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No Morning Soreness In My Achilles Today!

This past week I saw awesome progress. Same as the week prior. But today is perhaps the most encouraging – I woke up to no soreness in my achilles! I knew it was getting close but was surprised when I woke up this morning, and, while still laying in bed, started flexing my ankle as… Read More »

Another Week of Improvement

So it’s been about a week since my last update. I was excited to share that things improved quite a bit since the last update, but held off purposely in order to see how it progressed. It’s been about a week since the sharp soreness is completely gone. I mean, always gone – even in… Read More »

Stretching and Pain Tolerance

Before I get to the subject of this post I just wanted to mention that, in the short time since I started this blog, I’ve received a number of emails from readers who have told me about their injuries. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the support! This injury is a *big deal*… Read More »

Foam Rolling Your Calves

I have very poor ankle flexibility and very tight calves. Those two things equated to a mangled achilles tendon for me! With the major pain now out of the way, thanks to the eccentric heel drops I started this past week, I’m now looking at adding foam rolling to my daily routine in order to… Read More »

Comfortable Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis

If you have insertional achilles tendonitis then the choice of shoe is very important, much more so than regular achilles tendonitis. I never realized just how important until a physical therapist mentioned to me how important it was to minimize the amount of irritation to insertion point from the heel cup of your shoes. How… Read More »

Eccentric Heel DROPS for Insertional Achilles Tendonitis

If there is one thing you want to get out of this article it is this: notice the title of this post is “Eccentric Heel DROPS,” not “Eccentric Heel Raises.” Very important distinction. If you’re like me, you’ve scoured the web looking for research and/or anecdotal evidence of a cure for insertional achilles tendonitis. And… Read More »