Hopefully My Last Post Here (I’m Healed!)

It’s been years since I posted this blog. Due to some issues with my web hosting service I migrated this blog to a new server and made some changes to the blog. As there wasn’t much recent activity, and due to the potential security risk, I removed the forum. Also removed the Contact page and… Read More »

One Year After Insertional Achilles Re-Injury

So it’s been just over a year now since I last aggravated my achilles tendon. As per my other posts – my problem is at the insertion point, not further up the tendon which is much more common (and apparently much easier to treat). I’m happy to say that I am fully healed. But I… Read More »

Achilles Tendon Stretch

Over the past few weeks I’ve been really stressing my achilles and I’m happy to report that I’m relatively pain-free still. I say “relatively” because I did have some very slight soreness the next day after playing a ridiculous 9 games of squash (and I’m a horrible player that has to run a lot, do… Read More »

Still Going Strong

Update So it’s been quite some time since I last posted. I still get emails asking about my progress/status so figured I’d type a post here. In a nutshell – my achilles is good. To the point where I’ve been active without worry now for quite some time. I admittedly have not been doing the… Read More »

Forum Added to Site

I decided it may be worthwhile to add a user forum section to the site, in hopes that others may find it useful to discuss topics, concerns, or just to tell their story with regards to achilles issues. Right now I have just one forum setup. You can see it here: https://myachillestendon.com/forums/ Check it out, and… Read More »

Article on Achilles Tendonosis

Just saw this article and wanted to share. Found it on philly.com (which, as an aside, used to be a great source for news, but has degenerated into a pseudo-tabloid since the site’s owners transitioned all their quality reporting to their paywalled newpaper sites). Not much substance to it but worth a read. Since a… Read More »

X-Ray of My Foot

A reader recently commented with a link to an image of their foot that showed bone spurs. Not to be outdone, here’s a copy of my x-ray : ) The Sports Medicine doctor that reviewed it said I have both bone spurs and a “touch of” plantar fasciatis. You can clearly see the bone spur… Read More »


As I mentioned in my last post, I have been able to be pretty active without any serious achilles pain for a number of weeks now. The weeks since then have brought more progress, and I guess I can officially call this injury ‘healed’ for now. No more pain or soreness, aside from a VERY… Read More »

I Guess I’m Functionally Healed

I want to emphasize the word ‘functionally’ in the title. What I mean by that is, for the past couple of weeks, the achilles has not held me back in any way. I’ve even done some sprinting (not full out sprinting in the traditional sense, but more ‘bursts’ of speed while playing soccer with my… Read More »

Stressing the Tendon Seems to Help

Been a while since my last update. I try at least once per week to write up a micropost (those are what the little sidebar updates are called) on my progress, but up until the past 2 days, I really hadn’t progressed any since my last update. I still have slight soreness most mornings, but… Read More »