Still Going Strong

By | May 1, 2014


So it’s been quite some time since I last posted. I still get emails asking about my progress/status so figured I’d type a post here.

In a nutshell – my achilles is good. To the point where I’ve been active without worry now for quite some time.

I admittedly have not been doing the eccentric heel drops/raises or stretching protocol as diligently as I should. Although the heel drops were a 12-week prescription (if I recall correctly from the study), I had been doing them pretty consistently at the end of my normal 3x per week weightlifting routine. But the past month or so I often forget to do them, so I’ve done the heel drops maybe once per week.

Stretching is similar – I keep doing the gastroc stretches pretty regularly, but I know I need to focus on my quads, shoulders, etc. Every other part of my body suffers from the same lack of mobility/flexibility that likely caused the insertional achilles tendonosis.

So, in a nutshell – I’ve got things by the proverbial balls right now – I’m in excellent physical shape – but if I don’t make stretching a priority more I very well may wind up back on this blog posting about how I’m limping with pain again : (

Path Forward

With the weather in my area turning mostly good this past month, and my kids being active in youth sport leagues and the constant evening practices that those entail, I am getting in lots of physical activity. I’m loving it. I walk at least an hour for a minimum of 4 nights per week. Also, I’ve been doing weighlifting, and, surprise surprise, I have added in a little running. I could probably run a 5k today if I had to, but it wouldn’t be that enjoyable and likely would definitely stress my achilles. My wife and kids want to run a 5k soon, so I want to join them and figure I better start doing a little training.