Article on Achilles Tendonosis

By | December 1, 2013

Just saw this article and wanted to share. Found it on (which, as an aside, used to be a great source for news, but has degenerated into a pseudo-tabloid since the site’s owners transitioned all their quality reporting to their paywalled newpaper sites). Not much substance to it but worth a read.

Since a damaged Achilles tendon may feel tight, the inclination is to try to stretch it. That can worsen the problem, especially when the damage occurs at the lower point where the tendon attaches to the bone.

I have been fighting a nasty upper respiratory/sinus infection for the last couple of weeks so haven’t been going to the gym much and thus haven’t been doing any stretching or the eccentrics as often lately. I plan on picking it back up this week, even if the infection isn’t cleared (which it won’t be).

Not much has changed with my IAT. I’m mainly healed, though still feel it very slightly when I wake up in the morning for the first few steps. I also have a more pronounced ‘bump’ in the back of my heel than ever. Makes me wonder if my bone spur has gotten worse (see the x-ray of my foot and that heel spur is exactly where the bump is), or if the tendon fibers remain mangled or an increase in mangled fibers has taken place.

Anyways, check out the article via the link below. It seems to jive with my experience, but it too light on details. If anything, since I’m in the Philadelphia suburbs, if I injure this thing again I’ll at least have a name for a fairly local doc that specializes in this type of injury and seems to be up on the limited research…

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