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    Background: Right heel, 3 years chronic pain, Haglund surgery one year prior: results ineffective. marathoner, biker, gym rat, sustained injury after menicicus injury on left knee while doing spin classes, thought it was case of Plantafaciaitic and I could work out of it. Initial status: pain in heel, bottom of foot, super tight calves. X-rays no spurs, MRI (2) micro tears. Seen 4 surgeons, chiropractor, pediatrist, accupuncturist
    Surgery: Calcaneus excision with secondary achilles tendon repair (arthrex speed bridge)Surgery Date: Aug. 2013
    Current Date: Jan 16, 2014
    Post surgery: surgery cast – 2 weeks, hard cast 2 – weeks, 2 crutuches – 4 weeks, 1 crutch till Dec. 22nd but walking around house, Walking in sandel till current. PT began after 5 weeks, twice weekly.
    Current PT: Daily work: balance on injuried foot (2 reps – 20 secs), heel raises (2 reps – 20), squats on incline machine (2 reps – 15), wall stretch (2 reps – 30 sec hold).
    Current Status: no exercise with legs including swimming (too much pain yet), can walk around house and around work, no pain when sleeping, severly depressed.
    Medication: Meloxicam, Tramadol, Bupropion HCl (anti-depressant)
    Problems: lack of activity, fear of outcome not being able to run, or bike or swim.
    Comment: One of the most frustrating issues with this injury is while I am doing the activity I feel very little pain. Pain comes later either in the day while resting or maybe even a day later.
    Medical comment: Surgeon does not spend much time explaining things or giving me relative information. Can’t find anyone to talk to who has the same background/surgery.

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